Tom Maccarone, Owner

Growing up in Walla Walla, among a large Italian family, Tom learned at an early age the strong connections between food, wine, family and friends. Having worked in his parent’s Walla Walla restaurant as a child Tom also grew to love the food service industry and the bonds that great food and a great experience can create. At the urging of friends and family who recognized his knack for hospitality, Tom opened T. Maccarone’s in 2005 to create a Washington wine country culinary experience, steeped in Italian heritage, and showcasing Walla Walla Valley’s agricultural bounty. At the beginning of September 2013, Tom celebrated T. Maccarone’s eighth anniversary with a complete redesign "Eight years of business is a huge accomplishment and we're excited to celebrate this milestone with a fresh new look," says Tom. "T. Maccarone's is a fantastic meeting place and we want its feel to always be as vibrant as the food, and community, we serve."


Cameron Davenport, Executive Chef

Cameron and his fiancé Kasey recently moved to Walla Walla from south Florida by way of Seattle. Cameron’s parents were both in the hospitality industry and working in a kitchen is one of his earliest memories. His family loved to cook meals together and he found the Lebanese dishes passed down from generations of his mother’s family “awe-inspiring”. Cameron’s favorite ingredients are those that are seasonal and fresh and his favorite things to cook are braised meats, “I love the smells and experience of the meat cooking all day. It’s a long process that I find really rewarding-- from the rich sauce to the succulent meat.” When not at work Cameron and Kasey are hard at work renovating their first home with help from their cat. Kit.

Hector Carranza, Chef

After seven years at T. Mac’s, Hector has this to say: “You may need me, but I need you to want me and that’s what it’s like here. It’s a very good place to work, a real family. You can not find a family like this anywhere else.” Hector learned to cook with his family but his career began by accident when his first job in maintenance at a supermarket in Guatemala City turned into a kitchen position. Over five years he worked himself up from cleaning vegetables to cooking main courses with rice, chicken and fish. Now, it’s been almost 30 years cooking and Hector’s advice for all is, “Cherish your job”. Hector obviously loves his craft and asked what he does for fun he laughs and says, “sleep!”

Lalo Rojas, Chef

Lalo’s first job in the kitchen was as a dishwasher and over 14 years he worked his way up the ladder to chef. His favorite thing to cook is steak -- all kinds -- but mostly ribeye; “grilled and crisp on the outside, moist and juicy in the middle!” Lalo’s favorite thing about working at T. Mac’s is working in a lot of different styles and always learning. “I like to teach new cooks and share tricks to make things easier. When someone picks it up, that really makes me happy.” His other favorite thing about T.Mac’s is the bolognese. “Everything is good here but the bolognese is really special”. In his spare time, Lalo is a tattoo artist. “I love art and have been drawing since I was a kid. Tattooing is fun for me, I really get into it and makes me forget any stress or problems.”

Candice Smith, Pastry Chef

Candice is a recent graduate of the Wine Country Culinary Institute at Walla Walla Community College and the newest member of the T. Mac’s family. Candice originally learned to cook from her grandmother, who she calls “her inspiration!” Two of Candice’s favorite things about working at T. Mac’s are “the macaroni and cheese and the bolognese. I could eat them both a few times a day!” Another of her favorite things about working here is “everyone is really cool and it really is like a big family. It’s a lot of fun and I can really express myself and my creativity without limits.” When Candice isn’t crafting sweet delights she likes to spend time outdoors, traveling and camping with her kids in their new family camper van.