Tom Maccarone, General Manager & Owner

Growing up in Walla Walla, among a large Italian family, Tom learned at an early age the strong connections between food, wine, family and friends. Having worked in his parent’s Walla Walla restaurant as a child Tom also grew to love the food service industry and the bonds that great food and a great experience can create. At the urging of friends and family who recognized his knack for hospitality, Tom opened T. Maccarone’s in 2005 to create a Washington wine country culinary experience, steeped in Italian heritage, and showcasing Walla Walla Valley’s agricultural bounty. At the beginning of September 2013, Tom celebrated T. Maccarone’s eighth anniversary with a complete redesign "Eight years of business is a huge accomplishment and we're excited to celebrate this milestone with a fresh new look," says Tom. "T. Maccarone's is a fantastic meeting place and we want its feel to always be as vibrant as the food, and community, we serve."


Javier Esparza, Executive Chef

Originally from Mexico, Javier and his family moved to Walla Walla in his younger years. He graduated from Wa-Hi and got interested in food thanks to cooking shows and the Food Network. Inspired by what he saw, Javier attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland and graduated in 2001. Since then, Javier has been flying high as a chef on the Nike campus and as a private chef for famous sports figures -- he has even cooked for the likes of Paul Allen, Queen Elizabeth and President George Bush. Most recently, Javier worked as the Sous Chef at Saffron in Walla Walla. When asked what his favorite things to make and eat are he answers, “ceviche and sushi -- because i love using fresh fish!” In his spare time Javier likes to watch football, run and play baseball.


Danielle Beebe, Restaurant & Bar Manager

Danielle joined the T. Maccarone’s family early in 2015 and brings a wealth of experience from her previous work at the Marcus Whitman hotel and Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen. Her favorite thing about the business is her guests, “It is such an honor to know that I am helping them have a good time,” she says. “I love learning, and this is a great environment to do so: everything is always changing! New wines and winemakers, creative food preparations, inventive cocktails, there is always something new and exciting.” Originally from Kitsap County, Danielle and her family moved to Walla Walla (her husband’s hometown) after the birth of her first daughter and outside of work her time is all about family and home -- she loves to spend time with her husband and two girls, gardening and walking the family dog. Asked what her favorite meal at T. Mac’s is, Danielle says, “To be honest, my favorite meals are the ones that aren’t on the menu yet- ones that are still in the process of being perfected. Seeing the creative culinary process in action is so inspiring.”

Troy Tipton, Pastry Chef

A surprising fact about Troy is that when he first began cooking, he hated to bake. But after sticking with it a while, it “clicked” and he fell in love. “I found patisserie to be a way to express my love for both food and art,” says Troy. “I have dedicated my life to my craft. I am my hardest critic and I will never quit learning and evolving in what I do. I personally think feeding someone is the greatest thing you can do for them -- doing this and being able to create art through my food are two of the greatest things in my life.” Troy considers his food as an expression of himself and that you can get to know him personally through the inspirations that are his desserts, breads and cakes. If you’ve never ordered dessert at T. Macarone’s, you should. You’ll get to know how “sweet” this guy really is.